Latex-ite® Oil Spot Primer 950ml, Oil Spot Primer For Driveways and Patios

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Latex·ite® Oil Spot Primer is an important first step in preparing your driveway. Once you've thoroughly cleaned the driveway it's time to prepare the oil and gas spots. If you don't treat them properly, the spots will bleed through your newly sealed driveway and the stains will be back! Latex·ite Oil Spot Primer will seal over the oil and gas spots and will provide a strong bond between the driveway and the new sealer.


Latex·ite® Oil Spot Primer works best when applied with a paintbrush.

Shake the product first. Next, simply pour a thin coat of primer over the affected area and use a brush to apply. Allow to dry thoroughly prior to using other Latex·ite products (patch / repair or sealer).


  • Prime oil and gas spots to ensure strong bond to new sealer.
  • Apply with paint brush and allow to dry prior to sealing.

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