Latex-ite® Driveway Cleaner and Degreaser 1 Litre, Driveway and Patio Cleaner

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Latex·ite® Driveway Cleaner/Degreaser is the best solution for getting rid of oil, mildew, grease, pine sap and large dirt stains on your driveway. It is a heavy duty detergent that will penetrate the surface allowing for a stronger bond to the new sealer.


  • A cleaner driveway will help your sealer last longer.
  • Deep cleaning formula – ready to use.
  • Has rinse mode – great for car washing!
  • 1 Litre.


  • When ready to use, shake bottle, attach hose and you are ready to go!
  • Start at far end of driveway – Turn to ON position and soak troubled areas.
    You may need to scrub if stain is not rinsing away.
  • After driveway has been PowerWashed change to RINSE setting and rinse
  • Allow to dry prior to sealing over.

Professional Driveway & Patio Cleaning Service

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