Sealers For Block Paving, Concrete & Natural Stone

Sealers For Block Paving, Concrete & Natural Stone

Preserve the life of your block paving, concrete and natural stone with a quality sealer. 

Driveways and patios are always exposed to the elements, therefore over time they do start to show signs of wear and tear and degradation. Using a suitable sealer can help alleviate these issues and ensure your driveway, paths or patio remain looking as good as they did when they were first laid.

Block paving, concrete and natural stone often suffer from weed growth due to a breakdown in the jointing sand, algae and moss due to moisture build up and oil stains from vehicles. All can have a significant impact on the look and oils stains can be especially difficult to remove, so it is important to use a sealer early on to protect your driveway.

Block paving sealers can help to:

  • Prevent re-growth of weeds and reduce algae and moss.
  • Help with solidifying the sand joints between the blocks.
  • Help with resistance to abrasion from car tyres and other vehicles.
  • Reduce maintenance requirements.
  • Enhance the colour of your block paving.
  • Protect against oil stains and other marks.