Acryl-ite® Superseal Block Paving Sealer 5 or 20 Litres, Block Paving Sealer

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Acryl-ite® Superseal Block Paving Sealer is a solvent based, high solid acrylic sealer specifically designed to enhance the colour of concrete block paving as well as binding the sand joints.

Superseal Block Paving Sealer will:

  • Help to protect against oil and grease stains.
  • Help to deter ant infestations.
  • Help to resist weed and moss growth.
  • Enhance the colour of the block paving to a 'wet look'.

The block paving sealer is designed to be easily applied by roller or sprayer and will leave a silk to gloss finish depending upon the porosity of the blocks it is being applied to.

Superseal Block Paving Sealer is UV stable and weather resistant and will leave a hard wearing, durable finish on most block paving (excludes clay pavers). Average coverage is approximately 3.5 square metres per litre.


  • Premium grade.
  • High Solid acrylic sealer.
  • Joint stabilising formula.
  • Commercial strength.
  • Available in 5 and 20 Litres.

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