Acryl-ite® Superseal Block Paving Sealer 25 Litres, Suitable For Block Paving, Decorative Concrete And Indian Sandstone

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Acryl-ite® Superseal Block Paving Sealer is a solvent based, high solid acrylic sealer specifically designed to enhance the colour of concrete block paving as well as binding the sand joints.

Superseal Block Paving Sealer will:

  • Help to protect against oil and grease stains.
  • Help to deter ant infestations.
  • Help to resist weed and moss growth.
  • Enhance the colour of the block paving to a 'wet look'.

The block paving sealer is designed to be easily applied by roller or sprayer and will leave a silk to gloss finish depending upon the porosity of the blocks it is being applied to.

Superseal Block Paving Sealer is UV stable and weather resistant and will leave a hard wearing, durable finish on most block paving (excludes clay pavers). Average coverage is approximately 3.5 square metres per litre.


  • Premium grade.
  • High Solid acrylic sealer.
  • Joint stabilising formula.
  • Commercial strength.
  • Available in 5 and 25 Litres.

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Acryl-ite Superseal Blockpaving Sealer 25 Litres
Written by Aqua Tec Pro Windows and Driveway Sleaning Services on 26th May 2022

Without a doubt, this product is a Brilliant Sealer for Block Paving which I have used for customers many times. I use a sprayer which I also purchased from Black Jack which makes the job of applying the sealer to the block paving that much easier. Very happy with Service A+ 5 Star Customer service every time.

Blackjack block paving sealant
Written by Mike Butcher on 17th Sep 2020

Power cleaned drive and bruised in new kilin sand and then rolled the sealant on. Two coats and not touched for 25 hrs. This Product is a very good product and all joints sealed with a hard coating when dried. Had to scrap roller and brush that were used as solvent I had was no use. Would be good to have a list of solvents that works on this product. Would definitely use again and fully recommend.