50cm Seal-Right® Rubber Squeegee with Long 130cm Wooden Handle

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The 50cm Seal-Right® contractor grade squeegee has been designed specifically for use with Latex-ite® Asphalt Sealers on smooth, flat Tarmac surfaces. Its rubber blade is the correct softness and angle for pulling driveway sealers.


Use only if your Tarmac/Asphalt is smooth with a close finish.

For rough or open finished Tarmac/Asphalt use a Roller or Driveway Brush.


  • Contractor Quality
  • 130cm Wooden Handle
  • 50 cm Rubber Blade
  • Angled for Pulling

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Rubber Squeegee
Written by Debbie on 28th Sep 2020

Made the job of applying paving grout easy