Latex·ite® Ultra Shield Tarmac Sealer 18 Litre, For Sealing Tarmac Surfaces

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Latex·ite® Ultra Shield Driveway Treatment is formulated with new technology and a new Ultra Flex Polymer system so not only will the sealer adhere to your driveway better it will adhere to itself better! A tough, easy to use Sealer for Tarmac and Asphalt paving.


Ultra Shield is recommended for all condition driveways but works especially well on driveways that have been sealed many times before.


  • 10 Year Warranty.
  • Ultra Flex Polymers for max flexibility.
  • UV Protection - stays black and won't fade/dull.
  • Premium No-Stir Formula... save time & effort.
  • Non-Skid Formula.
  • Low VOC Formula / Easy soap & water clean-up.


Smooth/Previously Sealed Driveways: 1 18 ltr bucket will cover approximately 30-50 m2 per coat.

Rough/Porous/Never Been Sealed: 1 18 ltr bucket will cover approximately 20-40 m2 per coat.

Application Tip

Apply the sealer using a squeegee or driveway brush in a strip of about one metre wide, and then run over the area with a masonary roller to even out the sealer and prevent pooling in low or rough spots which will cause 'mud cracks'.

Product Information Downloads

Click here to download .pdf 'Material Safety Data Sheet' on this product.

Click here to download .pdf 'Technical Data Sheet' on this product.

Please Note

When opening the pail, it is normal for a layer of water to be evident on the surface of the product which will need stirring into the sealer. This can be prevented by leaving the pail upside down on the day before use.

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