Acryl-ite® Sealer Tint Available in Charcoal or Dark Brown, Sealer Colour Tint ***DARK BROWN OUT OF STOCK***

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This Charcoal or Dark Brown Acrylite Sealer Tint adds colour back into worn and tired Imprinted Concrete and Concrete block Paving Driveways.

Designed to 'Tint' rather than colour a job, our tints will re colour Block Paving, or replace the 'antiquing' colour on imprinted concrete jobs.

We do not recommend these tints as a way of changing the colour of paving as when the sealer wears down, the colour could come with it leaving unsightly 'Track marks'.

Simply add to Acryl-ite® Concrete or Block Paving Sealer and stir thoroughly. Add a little at a time and test on the paving until desired colour is achieved.

Remember, you can add more to your sealer for a darker colour, but you cannot take it out once mixed!


  • Synthetic Mineral Oxide Pigment.
  • Available in Charcoal or Dark Brown.
  • Easy Stir Formula.

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