Pli-Stix Permanent Crack Filler For Tarmac, Asphalt and Concrete

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PLI-STIX® is a simple and clean process. Before applying the product, it is important to thoroughly clean out the crack and remove any loose debris. Rinsing the crack and allowing it to dry will give you the best results.

Now you are ready to install the PLI-STIX®. Simply place the PLI-STIX® into the crack (do not remove the plastic wrap from the PLI-STIX®). The PLI-STIX® must be inside the crack so we recommend pushing the PLI-STIX® into the crack using a screwdriver. (*Note: If the crack is not as wide as the ½" PLI-STIX®, we recommend stretching the PLI-STIX® can leave it in the sun for a while to make it easier to stretch. You can also splice it with a razor blade. You can also use a rubber mallet to help form the strip for the pavement cracks & also helped in the "wedging in" effort). If you have VERY narrow crack you may have to heat a knife with your torch so that it splices the Stix like a butter knife!

Once it's in simply light your torch (we recommend a Bernzomatic hand-held torch) and apply direct flame to the PLI-STIX® until it liquifies - this should take about 20 - 30 seconds. Allow the PLI-STIX® to set up for 20 minutes. PLI-STIX®can be sealed over once properly set up.

Do not apply in wet cracks or where frost, snow or ice is present. Do not apply if the ground temperature is below 40 degrees.

Suitable For

  • Only permanent crack filler on the marketplace. 
  • Fills cracks 1/2" to 1".
  • Hot applied "rope-like" filler bonds to sidewalls. 
  • 30 ft. of PLI-STIX®.
  • No VOC's.

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