Latex-ite® 950ML 2X Premium Crack Filler, For Filling Cracks In Tarmac Surfaces

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Latex·ite 950ml 2X Premium Crack Filler is an easy to use,  and easy to clean crack filler for tarmac driveways. You can quickly repair cracks up to 10mm wide that will last longer. With its specially formulated Acrylic Latex Rubber ... Vinyl Polymer Blend, Latex·ite 950ml 2X Premium crack filler offers greater durability than other cold pour crack fillers.


  • Premium Filler for cracks up to 10mm wide in tarmac.
  • Fortified with latex and asphalt binders to strengthen bond.
  • Easy to apply. Clean crack, shake, snip open and squeeze.
  • Easy to clean with soap and water.

Installation Guidelines

1. Only apply when there is no rain forecast for 24 hours and the surface temperature is 10 degrees and rising.

2. Clean away all dirt, grass or other debris (including old crack filler) from the crack.

3. Shake the Latex·ite 950ml 2x Premium Crack Filler well before use and DO NOT DILUTE.

4. Cut the tip of the nozzle to a size slightly smaller than the width of the crack you intend to fill.

5. Pour the crack filler into the crack until it is just above the surface (you need to allow a little for shrinkage).

6. Wipe away any excess residue (you can clean fresh crack filler with soap and water).

7. Do not apply more than 6mm thick in a single application. If you have a deep crack either use our trowel patch product or use backer rod to fill the crack within 6mm of the surface and then apply the crack filler.

8. The repair will be touch dry within 30 mins and totally dry within 4-8 hours depending on the weather conditions.

Caution: Do not allow Latex·ite 950ml 2X Premium Crack Filler to freeze.

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